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February 9, 2017
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Three Common MLS Descriptions That Can Cause Financing Headaches

Certain words and descriptions in an MLS listing that may seem enticing to buyers may sound alarm bells for lenders.  As a buyer or seller, you should to make sure your realtor can substantiate all claims listed in an MLS.  Here are three common descriptions we see as mortgage brokers that have complicated the financing of a home and caused buyer’s grief.

“Lots of capital projects undertaken…”

Lenders will want to know about the capital projects undertaken.  They will typically ask for an engineer’s report, confirmation the strata has voted for 100 per cent fix of recommendations and the amounts have been determined, levied and paid by all owners.


If a property is being advertised in a rainscreened building, make sure your realtor knows when the work was done and that it can be confirmed by way of a completion certification.

“Land value only”

Financing for land is very different and much more complicated than financing for a livable property.  If it is stated in the MLS that there is no value in the home, lenders won’t considering it a livable property which can greatly limit lending options.

MLS listings hold a lot of weight with lenders.  If you are curious to know whether anything in an MLS listing could effect financing or ring alarm bells for lenders, contact us at Primaria Mortgages for assistance: info@primariamortgages.com.


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